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$200 + Tax

Course Description

This course is for students who are in the process of obtaining or already have their “Learners
Permit” and have little to no experience behind the wheel. This course involves 4 hours of
intensive classroom instruction along with 4 hours of practical driving time with a certified
driving instructor. Students will not be driving during this course. We will teach students
proper road edacity and give them the tools they will need to be successful and safe drivers on
the road and to help develop a “Crash-Free Attitude” behind the wheel. Students will have a
good start towards obtaining their State of Alaska Driver’s License when they become eligible
at the age of 16. They will also be given a discount if they take this course prior to the “Learn-
2-Drive” course with us at ADA.


Course Requirements

-At least 14 years of age

Length of Course

-5 hours total

-1 hour of practical driving instruction

-4 hours of intensive classroom instruction

Course Certificates

Upon successfully completing this course students are given the opportunity to return to ADA and obtain a State of Alaska Driver’s License Class “D” through our "Learn-2-Drive" course at a discounted rate.

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